Saturday, March 14, 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Technology of the Future essays

Artificial Intelligence and Technology of the Future essays The technology of the future will do things that seem "mad" to most of us today. Our ability to create artificial intelligence is increasing exponentially. In the labs of prestigious institutions across the country, scientists try to create a computer that will replace the brain. This futuristic technology may not be far off; however, it faces harsh opposition by people afraid of what they don't understand. The idea of living past my short window of mortal life is wonderful. I look forward to seeing Dr. Hans Moravec, and other brilliant scientists like him create immortality, for anyone bold enough to accept it. As my favorite band 311 says in their song Evolution, "If it's understood it could be used for good and would if you will believe in all we can conceive." Hans Moravec, the senior research scientist at Carnegie-Mellon's Mobile Robot Laboratory, wrote, "We are on a threshold of a change in the universe comparable to the transition from nonlife to life"(The Conscious Reader, 500). Moravec seeks to create "robotic immortality" for everyone. His idea involves making an exact computer replica of an individual's brain and transferring it into a robotic body. The downloaded brain would have the same thought process and memories as its mortal counterpart. In essence, you would be the same person, in a state of the art robotic body. Moravec is not alone, Marvin Minsky, Donner Professor of Science at MIT, also accepts the idea of artificial intelligence. Minsky is researching the brain. He is attempting to uncover the mystery, behind the operation of the billions of brain cells that allow us to think and remember. Minsky says, "If a person is like a machine, once you get a wiring diagram of how he works, you can make copies" (The Conscious Rea der, 499). If successful, Moravec, Minsky, and others like them, will indeed create the computer brain, making robotic immortality, a reality. Is it right to "play" God? ...

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