Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Christianity And Its Impact On Society - 2278 Words

Catholicism A couple decades after Jesus, the Christian Messiah, died , there came a new religion ,which was appealing because it was one of the first religions to show life after death. This religion was Catholicism. This religion has overcame many obstacles to come at where it is today. Catholicism , the largest self-religion branch in christianity, can be explained through the History of Catholicism, the faith of Catholicism, and the structure of the mass and church. The history of Catholicism was long and persecuted religion, that has a history dating back to the times of Jesus. The Catholics believe that Catholicism that traces all the way back to Jesus of Nazareth.(Roman Catholicism,pg.1) According to the gospels , persecution,†¦show more content†¦500, the Church flourished due to new popularity(Ries Charlemange was crowned the first Holy Roman Empire by Pope Leo the third.(Ries,pg.14) Pope Gregory told the monks of England to burn all Idols.( Ries,pg.12)Many Kings who were german became Holy Roman Emperor ( Ries, pg.14) The Great Schism was when the church of christianity officially split, though the Eastern branches of the Church had long been divided on religious beliefs .(Ries,pg.17) Pope Gregory VII made and reinstated the papal Primacy( Ries,pg.14) Pope Gregory VII stopped kings from appointing bishops with the treaty known as the Concordat at Worms.( Ries,p14.) The Faith of Catholics ranges in a wide variety and is based on the stories in the bible , and explains life’s most meaningful questions . Catholics believes that Adam and Eve created original sin, which now all people are born with.(The essentials of†¦, p.1) For it to be a moral sin , it have to be a grave matter, full knowledge, and deliberate consent. (the essentials of ...,p.11) A grave matter is when you deliberately do something evil. (the essentials of..., p.11) Full knowledge is when you do something with all knowing in mind.(the essentials of†¦, p.11) Deliberate consent is when you freely chose to do something evil. (the essentials of†¦, p.11) A venial sin is a small sin that can be saved with blessing

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